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S.M.A.R.T. is a 3 in 1 programme that integrates math with co-operative and semi competitive games in a fun interesting manner. Arts and Crafts as well as educational toys and games are used to round out a programme that is both cost effective and educationally sound.

S.M.A.R.T. consists of two week blocks that culminate with a Gym-Math-Ticks event incorporating the math and physical skills covered in a mini-Olympic style format. Parents have described our 'Sound Math in a Sound Body' approach as "sliding education in through the side door."

Physical Skills Component

  • We focus on skill development through drills, co-operative and lead-up games.
  • Soccer: dribbling/ball control, kicking, passing & receiving, trapping, throw ins, one vs one play, goal/corner/free kicks.
  • Volleyball: serving, passing (set/bump), ball reception, footing and court movement.
  • Basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, lay-ups, side & end plays.
  • Baseball: throwing, catching, base running, infield/outfield play.
  • Lead up Games: dribble octopus, scooter polo, dodgeball, etc.

Arts & Crafts Component

  • Gimp
  • Painting
  • Tie Dye
  • Clay & Plasticine
  • Face Painting
  • Papier Mache
  • Drawing/Cut & Paste

Math Skills Component

  • Place Value: Express and order 3, 4, 5 & 6 digit numbers. Arithmetic: Hand's on activities and rote learning of arithmetic facts.
  • Estimations & Measurements: Length, perimeter, area & volume.
  • Geometry: Recognize, name, visualize and distinguish between shapes and solids. Create and continue geometric and number patterns. Experiment with tangrams.
  • Surveys/Graphs: Administer and tally surveys. Construct and interpret bar, line and pictographs.
  • Problem Solving Strategies: Through reasoning, perceptual and strategy games.


*Please contact the camp office or check its web site for further details (schedules, fees, registration, etc) or the latest updates.


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