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Orde Day Care Centre

Child Care Licence

Dec 10 1980

Licence Status
Regular with Conditions

Legal Status

Inspection Summary

Visit Date Purpose of Visit Compliance Level on Date of Inspection Resolved Before Licence Issued
Sep 22, 2015 Licensing Inspection 100%
Oct 2, 2014 Licensing Inspection 99%
Nov 12, 2013 Licensing Inspection 99%
Nov 28, 2012 Licensing Inspection 99%

Areas of Non Compliance

Terms and Conditions

The licensee shall ensure that the Licensing Inspection Summary is posted in a conspicuous place in the child care centre at or near an entrance commonly used by parents. The licensee shall ensure that the completed Licensing Checklist and the Summary of Licensing Requirements and Recommendations sheets are readily available for parents. The licensee shall ensure that the total licensed capacity is not exceeded at any time.
The school age capacity is based on the use of Rooms 25, 26 and 27.
The licensee shall ensure that the supervision plan regarding washroom routines is followed.
The kindergarten and/or school age program are licensed to operate before-and-after school and full-day on PD days and school holidays.
All rooms as set out in the shared space confirmation are approved for use by the child care program, based on licensed capacity, provided that the room or area is used by the school for children who are the same age as the age category of the licensed age group. The operator is required to keep on file at the premises an up-to-date shared space confirmation. This confirmation must include the primary use of the room during the school day and must be made available to Ministry of Education staff upon request. Before changes are made to shared space the operator shall obtain an up to date signed shared space confirmation document.
The licensee shall submit written confirmation to the Ministry by September 1, 2016 that the written plan for completion of valid certification in standard first aid including infant and child CPR has been completed by all staff and that full compliance has been achieved.

Director's Approval

Director Approval is granted for mixed age grouping pursuant to ss. 8(2) and (3) of Ontario Regulation 137/15.

Official Registration Information
Please check Ontario Ministry of Education for the official registration information. Use "Orde Day Care Centre (Orde Street)" as "Name of Program" to search.

Child Care Capacity

Age Group Age From Age To Capacity
Preschool 2.5 6 48
Kindergarten 3 yr 8 mo 5 yr 8 mo 52
Primary/Junior School Age 5 yr 8 mo 13 80

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