York University Co-operative Day Care Centre

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York University Co-operative Day Care Centre

We provide a caring, educational, and multicultural daycare environment for approximately 120 children. The children in our care range in age from one month old to school age (six years and up).

Child Care Licence

May 22 1979

Licence Status
Regular with Conditions

Legal Status

Inspection Summary

Visit Date Purpose of Visit Compliance Level on Date of Inspection Resolved Before Licence Issued
May 25, 2015 Licensing Inspection 94%
Aug 12, 2014 Licensing Inspection 92%
Mar 18, 2013 Licensing Inspection 92%

Areas of Non Compliance

Terms and Conditions

The licensee shall ensure that the Licensing Inspection Summary is posted in a conspicuous place in the child care centre at or near an entrance commonly used by parents. The licensee shall ensure that the completed Licensing Checklist and the Summary of Licensing Requirements and Recommendations sheets are readily available for parents.
The operator shall ensure that if a portable playground structure is used, direct supervision, appropriate shock absorbent surfacing and sufficient safety zones are in place. Use is to be restricted to those age groups recommended by the manufacturer only.
Given the licensed capacity of this day nursery, the operator will employ two supervisors/adminsters on a full time basis; neither of whom are scheduled program staff.
With parents' signed written permission, older infants may sleep on cots. Constant visual supervision of the sleep room must be maintained at all times.
The operator shall replace the kitchen cupboards and verify with the ministry once Public Health inspected and confirmed compliance.

Director's Approval

Approval is granted for mixed age grouping pursuant to s.55(2).

Official Registration Information
Please check Ontario Ministry of Education for the official registration information. Use "York University Co-operative Day Care Centre" as "Name of Program" to search.

Child Care Capacity

Age Group Age From Age To Capacity
Infant 0 1.5 20
Toddler 1.5 2.5 20
Preschool 2.5 6 32
Kindergarten 3 yr 8 mo 5 yr 8 mo 32
Primary/Junior School Age 5 yr 8 mo 13 15