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About YMCA of Greater Toronto

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is a charity focused on community support and development. Our aim is to provide every individual in our community with opportunities for personal growth, community involvement, and leadership. By making connections, collaborating, and mirroring our region’s diversity, we believe we can become the network that binds our many neighbourhoods into one city, one country, and one world.

As one of the largest charities in North America, we help over 400,000 people each year through three core programs:

  • YMCA Health, Fitness & Recreation programs help members of our community – regardless of their background or economic circumstances – to live active, meaningful lives
  • YMCA Child & Family programs and YMCA Camps ensure toddlers and school age kids get the child care they need and create memorable camp experiences. These programs also support parents and guardians
  • YMCA Employment programs, Skills Development programs, Youth Support Services, and Newcomer programs provide employment counseling and training, help newcomers settle in Canada, and offer youth-at-risk with the support they need to survive and thrive

At YMCA, we take our commitments to the community seriously. We see a day when more people, especially youth, connect with each other, give of themselves, and grow in their sense of purpose and belonging. We envision an inclusive society where everyone, regardless of their background, experiences, or circumstances, participates fully. And we work towards building a community characterized by strong, supportive connections between individuals and among groups.

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