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Camp D'Uwana - Sweet Delights

Spend a week making heavenly treats! Kids who like to bake will love this camp. They will have a chance to learn how to bake and create many unique sweets, and make a recipe book to share with friends and family. Camp D'Uwana campers will go swimming once a week and on a weekly field trip.

Camp D'Uwana - Ultimate Sports

This camp is all about Ultimate Team Sports! Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee are just a few of the many sports campers will have chance to play during a week packed with fun and excitement. This is the ultimate camp for sports lovers! Camp D'Uwana campers will go swimming once a week and on a weekly field trip

HotShots - The Art of Photography

This camp is a rare opportunity for individuals to venture into new artistic territory. The camp begins with the basics of photography through a wide range of structured photo assignments. Photographs taken will illustrate the importance of framing and good composition as the kids explore visual elements that add mood and excitement to every picture. As they progress, everyone learns the benefits of critical thinking and discover innovative ideas to express their thoughts and feelings visually. Campers will also learn how to edit their best images using Photoshop. Bring your own camera or use one of ours.

LSS Dual Recertification

Aiming for recertification? This course is designed to recertify/reteach the Lifesaving Society's NL and Standard First Aid awards. This is considered a full course Standard First Aid. Prerequisite: Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid or LSS Standard First Aid Recertification and NL.

LSS Emergency First Aid

Looking to learn Emergency First Aid? This course is designed for those who want to gain a general knowledge of first aid principles and the emergency treatment of injuries. The skills taught include: victim assessment, rescue breathing, CPR and obstructed airway procedures, as well as treatment of external bleeding, heart attacks and strokes. This course includes CPR-B certification.

LSS First Aid Instructor

Certify yourself as a First Aid Instructor through the Lifesaving Society. Learn how to deliver the programs ensuring that you are teaching the right standards in a logical sequence. Candidates are expected to complete a precourse assignment and therefore, registration will be closed one week prior to start date. Prerequisites: Lifesaving Instructor (current) and Advanced Instructor Awards.

LSS Lifesaving Sport Coach Level 1

Coach lifesaving sport! The Lifesaving Sport Coach Level 1 certification course provides training for lifesaving instructors who wish to coach lifesaving sport at the community level. The course focuses on the fundamentals of coaching and lifesaving sport skills in the pool or in open water, increasing the competencies of lifesaving coaches at the community program level. Prerequisites: Lifesaving Instructor and Emergency First Aid.

LSS National Lifeguard - Pool

This nationally recognized program will help you become a lifeguard! Course components include learning to recognize, interpret and deal with emergency situations, carrying out rescue procedures, and providing emergency care. The primary emphasis is on accident prevention, leadership, teamwork and communication. Prerequisites: Minimum 16 years old (by the end of course), Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid. The program fee includes the LSS certification fee and required materials.

Mad Science - Eureka!

Welcome to the world of inventions! Children will be challenged to overcome a series of daily tasks by using their brains, brawn, tips, from famous inventors, cool equipment, and simple machines. They'll create catapults and forts, design their own light sabers, and assemble a set of circuits using batteries and light bulbs. While Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, this camp is 100% FUN! Each day is unique but they are all designed to be fun, exciting, and hands-on.
Camp-Day Themes include: Shipwrecked, Whiz Kids, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Think Fast, Science Fiction.

Mad Science - Flight Academy

The week will fly by as we travel through time looking at the earliest flying machines right up to modern day rocket launches. We'll cover it all. Become a Junior Aviator and discover the principals of flight and aerodynamics. Zip up your space suit for a planetary tour while we investigate the wonders of our very own Milky Way. Join your fellow astronauts as we send an awesome Mad Science rocket to the moon...well at least into the sky! As Mad Science Technicians, you will build sundials, Skyblazer rockets, and parachutes and test your designs in our incredible wind tunnel simulator. It will be a blast!

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