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Mad Science - Rocket Camp

Yes we are Rocket Scientists! And you can be too! Blast to the top of the class with an in-depth look at all things ROCKET! This action-packed week focuses on the physics of rocket flight, the parts of a rocket, and rocket launches. You will experience every aspect of rocket launching as you join a different crew each day. Prepare for launch, send your rockets into the sky, and track their altitudes as we launch 10 different rockets each week! You are certain to have a blast exploring, building, and launching many varieties of rockets.

Mad Science - Science Sleuths

An awesome week of sleuthing, investigating, and discovery awaits you! Send messages to your friends with your very own secret code wheels. Hunt down animal tracks and follow hidden scent trails during a day of nature discoveries. Lemon Shockers, Brain Goo and Electroplating will thrill all junior chemists. Children will build their own cool Stereoscopic Viewer to see far-off planets in 3D and become a Mad Science Junior Astronomer.

P.A. Day - Director's Cut -Lego Animation

A blockbuster of epic proportions awaits. Campers will work in film crews with real filmmakers to create a stop motion animation movie using their very own Lego. Watch it come to life by adding voice overs, sound effects, and transitions in this one-of-a-kind movie.

RHLC Summer Camp

If you can swim at a Swimmer Level 5 or higher, join the Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club Summer Camp! This fun aquatic camp focuses on lifesaving sport skills development, both in the pool and at the waterfront. Campers become comfortable using lifesaving rescue aids such as rescue tubes, throw ropes and paddleboards. Dry-land sessions include exploring first aid and CPR scenarios. Every Wednesday, the group will travel by bus to Scarborough Bluffers Beach for open water swimming, board paddling and beach skills and events. Prerequisite: Swimmer Level 5 or higher.

The Great Outdoors

Come and learn about the great outdoors. Campers will learn about the natural environment and how we can protect our earth through hands on activities and exploration. Campers will participate in a variety of different games and crafts that focus on the environment. Campers will also spend as much time as possible outside enjoying and learning about all types of weather. Children will explore a natural trail that features a stream and lots of green space. Campers will enjoy weekly waterpark activities. Campers should be appropriately dressed for outdoor activities.

Live on Location Feature Film & Commercials

Join other film makers in the director's chair this summer for a blockbuster of epic proportions. In our totally re-designed workshop, film making crews will work together with real film makers to story board, script wrirte, location scout, and shoot their original film in eye-catching HD. Once complete, crews will edit their movie on Final Cut Pro X and create an authentic movie trailer to advertise their film. Family and friends will join crews at the Directors Cut red carpet film festival at the end of the week.

Mad Science - Brixology

Broxiology Camp sets the foundation for our next generation of makers! Using Lego bricks, campers will become junior engineers as they team up to construct different Lego projects. Each day is chock-full of fun and exciting indoor and outdoor activities to not only keep your child engaged, but also keep them active. They will explore mechanical engineering as they build boats and vehicles. The thrill of aerospace engineering will come alive as they assemble a space station. And that's not all - from carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges, your future engineer will build upon their creativity through fun and hands-on design challenges. Let the tinkering begin!

Mad Science - Dynamic Discoveries

This camp is guaranteed to spark the imagination of your junior scientist! An unforgettable week of discovery and exploration will take campers on an amazing journey. Children will experiment with magnets, rainbows, musical vibrations, the five senses, and even rocketry! Hands-on fun happens every day as each camper creates their own model ear, jingle bracelet, thaumatrope, mini brain, Professor Beakerdude, Skyblazer Rocket, and much more! Mad Science camp fosters your child's curiosity in an age-appropriate and engaging environment that is fun, interactive, and exciting.

Mad Science - Eureka!

Welcome to the world of inventions! Children will be challenged to overcome a series of daily tasks by using their brains, brawn, tips, from famous inventors, cool equipment, and simple machines. They'll create catapults and forts, design their own light sabers, and assemble a set of circuits using batteries and light bulbs. While Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, this camp is 100% FUN! Each day is unique but they are all designed to be fun, exciting, and hands-on.
Camp-Day Themes include: Shipwrecked, Whiz Kids, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Think Fast, Science Fiction.

Mad Science - Flight Academy

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