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Emergency First Aid

Please note: Toronto Paramedic Services is teaching the EMS First Aid Program. This program is recognized by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). It does not qualify as a National Lifeguard Service (NLS) prerequisite. For those courses, please see the Leadership Section of the Online Fun Guide.

Emergency first aid training is a legislative requirement. One person must be trained in emergency first aid if five or fewer people work at a given workplace on any shift.


Toronto Paramedic Service's is teaching the EMS First Aid Program. This cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) program addresses adult, child and infant life threatening emergencies. In addition, this course will provide training on how to operate an Automated External Defibrillators for use by public responders in incidents of sudden cardiac arrest.

Providing a shock from a defibrillator in a cardiac arrest victim can save a life. Get the training and be prepared to save a life with these easy-to-use automated defibrillators!

EMS - Health Care Provider CPR (HCP)

Toronto Paramedic Services is teaching the EMS First Aid Program. This course is for people who work in the health care settings. This course will cover Adult, Child and Infant CPR for 1 and 2 Rescuer. AED Training, Artificial Respiration, Advanced Airway Managment - Bag Valve Mask.

Home Alone

This workshop is designed to prepare children for the challenges of being home alone. Participants will learn how to deal with phone calls and visitors, handling emergencies, safety around the house and how to prepare simple meals and snacks.

My Safe Life - Personal Safety for Kids

My Safe Life - Personal Safety for Kids is a program that uses fun gaming techniques, engaging videos, interactive flash modules, role play and repetition to teach children about personal safety. Key topics include: dealing with 'tricky people', bullying prevention, children's rights, internet safety, fire safety, travel safety, injury prevention and basic first aid.

Home Alone [C]

Empower children with confidence and skills to care for themselves when home alone. Taught by the staff of Safety on Site (SOS), this course includes Red Cross PeopleSavers Level 4, Internet safety, how to handle real-life situations, and other strategies. Age: 9-12

Personal Safety for Kids [C]

This is a fun and interactive program that uses games and real-life situations to practice injury prevention, getting places safely, online safety, people safety and first aid. Children learn effective skills that empower them to make safe, caring and respectful decisions in their everyday lives both on and offline. Age: 7-9
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