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Bronze Cross Recert

Designed to train future lifeguards for the YMCA and community.

National Lifeguard Recertification

The candidate's lifeguarding skills are evaluated. Emphasis is on teamwork and demonstration of skills at the National Lifeguard standard. Successful completion renews the award for 2 years. Prerequisite: National Lifeguard.

NLS Recert

Prerequisite: Previously National Lifeguard certified

National Lifeguard (Recert Course)

Designed to train lifeguards for the YMCA and community.

PA Day Soccer Camp

The specialty PA Day Camp is designed for participants to develop basic soccer skills, including ball control, passing and shooting.

Lifesaving - Bronze Cross Recert

This exam is for individuals who could not attend their scheduled exam or for individuals who need to be recertified. All items will be examined.

P.A. DAY Basketball Clinic

This P.A. Day basketball clinic will help youth develop their basketball skills through a warm-up, drills, activities, and recreational game play.

Standard First Aid with CPR C (Recertification)

Current Standard First Aid (SFA) award holders may recertify their Lifesaving Society SFA certification just once on a Lifesaving Society SFA Recertification course not more than 3 years from the Standard First Aid date of issue. To renew SFA certifications subsequently, award holders must repeat the full SFA course. Thereafter, individuals may renew by alternating recertification and original courses. Holders of Standard First Aid certificates from other agencies may not recertify their certificate on a Lifesaving Society SFA Recertification course. They must recertify with the original certifying agency. Required Materials: Canadian First Aid Manual may be purchased of an additional fee. Prerequisites: Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid (within 3 years of the date of issue)

P.A. Day Sports Sampler

Participants spend the day engaging in a variety of sports to expand their skills and increase their chance of continuing healthy life-long activity. Age: 6-12

Pool Pals

Complete your volunteer hours in a pool environment! Covers techniques to help in a class setting, child development, and more. This training must be completed prior to volunteering at any Oakville Recreation and Culture Department pool. You must hold a Bronze Medallion. Age: 13+
You May Try
1 KM
University Settlement - Recreation
2 KM
Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs (TKBGC)
5 KM
The Rock Oasis Toronto
5 KM
Play Loft Learning
6 KM
Dovercourt Boys & Girls Club
7 KM
6 KM
LucSculpture School and Studios
8 KM
Olympium Synchronized Swim Club
6 KM
7 KM
Groove School of Dance