LOLART - Pape / Danforth (DP)

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Adult Painting Workshops


instruct adults to improve their artistic technique, socializing with new people in a fun setting. At several LOLART locations, Drop-in classes are offered weekly with a new theme each time, e.g. (landscape, portrait /people, still life). No matter what subject and what level you choose, we will be there to guide you. Teachers go through the brushwork step-by-step, so no need to stress, just ENJOY!

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$400.00 (10 classes)
$400.00 (20 classes)
$400.00 (19 classes)

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LOLART School is a private school registered with the Ministry of Education of Ontario (BSID 669329), with a focus on Visual Arts, Math and Business.

Programs / Classes

  • Art Portfolio Class /  Animation Portfolio Prep
  • Art Courses
    • Pre-professional Art Foundation
    • Pre-professional Art intermediate and advanced
    • Professional Art Foundation
    • Professional Art Advanced
  • Littlest LOLART: ages 3 and up
  • Clay Class: ages  5+
  • Camps: March Break Camps, Summer Camps, PA Day Program
  • Credit courses
    • for secondary students in Grades 9-12 and also adult students
    • Visual Arts, English, Math (Principles of Mathematics, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Functions), Financial Accounting Principles, AP ECONOMICS
  • Tutoring: Math, Physics, English, AP Economics
  • ESL: English Reading, Writing, Public Speaking
  • LOLART Lounge: Walk-Ins and Parties, solo, families, friends or co-workers



* Please contact Lolart or visit its website further details (schedules, fees, registration, etc) or the latest updates.

LOLART - Pape / Danforth (DP)

At Danforth / Pape subway station


Wed 1:00pm~6:30pm

Fri 1:00pm~8:00pm

Sat 9:45am~6:00pm

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